Our location on St. Mary's

As you will see on the fully interactive map below, the flat is located very centrally to all local amenities including beaches, shops, restaurants and the quay.

Below the map you will find written directions of how to find us if walking from the quay.

If you are arriving by air there will betransport available which will deliver you to the door,
for a small charge per head.

Directions to 4 Golden Bay on Foot

Afterdisembarquingthe Scillonian make your way to the end of the quay where you will find the Mermaid Pub. Turn left here and walk through the town passing Lloyds bank on your right and the Co-op on your left. You will shortly see a shop called‘Tideline’ on your left, take the alleyway to the right of the shop and turn right at the end. Golden Bay Mansions is the building on your left just past the gap leading to the beach. Flat 4 is on the 1st floor.

If arriving on the Scillonian, you can either bring your luggage with you from the quay or the carriers will deliver it as long as it is clearly labeled before you hand it in in Penzance. They currently charge 1.40 per item.

4 Golden Bay Mansions, Hugh Town, St.Marys, Isles of Scilly. Telephone:01720 422510